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Harrer Green Coffee (Unroasted)

Harrer Green Coffee (Unroasted)

Harrer Green Coffee

Harrer Green Coffee (Unroasted)

Harrar is a walled city in eastern Ethiopia and is the capital of the Harrar Region. The interior of Harar’s old city is distinguishable for its labyrinth of colorful walls and its mix of both traditional Harari houses and modern abodes with wooden verandas. The Harrar region is subdivided into four smaller regions: East Harrar, West Harrar, Bale and Arsi. The city is located in the Ethiopian highlands at an elevation of 1885 meters above sea level. One of the holiest cities in Islam, it is uniquely surrounded by a stone wall and is also designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is widely believed that coffee first cultivated in Yemen was brought across the red sea from the Harrar Region. Harrar became famous for its coffee as early as the 16th century and is still recognized today.

Harrar coffee comes typically comes dry processed, which means that once the beans are harvested, they are dried in layers on stone patios or tables. Quality Harrar coffees have notable fruity characteristics, and a creamy body. The best Harrar coffees have a distinct note of blueberry, though many other fruity aromatic flavours can occur.

By law, all Harrar coffee that is exported from the country, must be done from the city of Dire Dawa (Dee-ree Dow-Ah). The city of Dire Dawa is the central trade and transportation node for all of eastern Ethiopia and is the second largest city in the country. Given that Ethiopia is landlocked, the train route that is used to access the port of Djibouti runs through Dire Dawa, which is why the city is a lifeline for the economic livelihood of the region and the country.

Growing Altitude:1,150 – 2,120 meters above sea level
Arabica Variety:Ethiopian Heirloom
Harvest Period:October – December
Milling Process:Natural, Sundried
Aroma:Earthy, Chocolate, Berry
Flavor:Mocha flavor, Blueberry & Blackberry
Body:Creamy body
Acidity:Brilliant floral acidity
Grades Available:

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