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Mofer is a fundamental agricultural equipment in Ethiopian traditional farming. It serves to plow
the soil with two oxen. “Mofer”, the name of our business symbolizes hard work, productivity
and organic harvest. It defines and enables rich, creamy soil to be utilized for the growth of all
crops including the elegant coffee we provide our customers. The plow is main tool that sheds
light on the start of a strong harvest season, similar to coffee giving a jump start to a great day. 
Our coffee is shipped from our own organic coffee farms in Ethiopia, the origin of our most
cherished beverage. We serve raw beans and prepared well-roasted, never burnt coffee products.
Our business is for the community. We are confident in the high level quality of our coffee. You
can come and enjoy the freshly made products in one of our stores or you can order Mofer
Coffee from the comfort of your home and brighten your day.  
We air roast our single origin Ethiopian coffee onsite in our store locations. We only roast in
small batches ensuring the flavor and integrity of our beans. If you are interested to roast coffee
at home by yourself, we have our green coffee beans available for you as well.

If you wish the adventure of ultimate coffee experience by yourself, our green coffee beans offer
you the opportunity to roast, grind and brew your coffee at home - from start to finish. Select
your beans, enjoy the quality, and share your coffee ceremony with us! If you wish to witness
and experience of how it is done, you can visit one of our stores. When it comes to coffee, we
never disappoint!
Our Mugs and Cups  
What better way to enjoy your Mofer Coffee than with these beautiful Ethiopian coffee mugs
and cups! You can send them as gifts to your loved ones. Available in our stores!


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