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About Us

Mofer The name of our business symbolizes hard work. The Mofer is a fundamental tool used in the agricultural community commonly referred to in English as a ‘’plow’’. This instrument is paramount in all agricultural work. It defines and enables rich, creamy soil to be utilized for the growth of all crops including the elegant coffee we provide our dear customers. The plow demonstrates many dear characteristics our company cherishes. The plow is a fundamental tool that sheds light on the start of a strong growth season. We acknowledge the importance of coffee giving a jump start to a great day. 

mofer coffee

Coffee Our coffee is shipped from our own  organic coffee fields in Ethiopia, the origin of our most cherished beverage. We service raw beans and prepared well-roasted, never burnt coffee products. Our business is for the community. We take pride in the coffee we share with you in our stores and are excited for you to enjoy Mofer Coffee from the comfort of your home.  

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